Subject And Predicate :Meaning, Types and Important Exercise

Subject And Predicate :

The subject of a sentence is that part about which something is being used. A subject is the person or thing that is doing an action or the person or thing that is the focus of the sentence .

The predicate is that part which says something about subject. The part of a sentence or clause containing a verb and stating something about the subject.

In English each sentence can be divided into two types – Subject and predicate. The ‘subject part’ has a Noun or Pronoun or Noun equivalent while the ‘predicate part ‘will have a verb.

what is modal verb?

A model verb is also known as a helping verb. It gives additional information about the main verb that follows it.


They go out. ( simple present)

They must go out. (Must : obligation )

They should go out. (should :Advise)

They can go out. (Can: permission)

They may go out. (May : possibility)

They will go out. (will : Future tense)

Subject and predicate

what is subject compliment?

A subject compliment is a word or words that follows the verb but aren’t direct object, depending on the verb some are obligatory.


James felt hungry.

Here hungry is a subject compliment or predicate adjective.

what is linking verb?

A linking verb is a verb which is used to connect with the subject and predicate adjectives and complete the sentence.

what is predicate adjective ?

A predicate adjective is an adjectives that come after the linking verb and define more about the sentence.

Subject + Linking verb +predicate adjectives

E. g.

James Felt hungry.

The angry bird was a hawk .

In the first sentence James is a subject ,Felt is a linking verb and hungry is a predicate adjective .

Subject and predicate

What is complete subject?

A complete subject is a subject which includes the verb and all the words that tell what the sentence is about.


The good students finished their work on time.

My family eats dinner together at every night.

This week will be a cold one.

What is Complete Predicate ?

Example of predicate :

A complete predicate is a predicate which includes verb and all the words that tell about what the subject is or what the subject does.

Mahatma Gandhi is called the Father of the Nation.

The first parts of the sentence is ‘Mahatma Gandhi ‘ .In the second parts of the sentence -is called the father of the nation, something is said about Mahatma Gandhi.

E. g.

  1. God is Almighty.
  2. The Brahmaputra flows through Assam.
  3. Nijora can play football.
  4. Gardening is a good hobby.
  5. Swiming is a good exercise.
  6. The dogs barks.
  7. Madhumita can sing well.
  8. Rina can dance.
  9. The story of the Ramayana is very interesting .

In the first sentence Subject is ‘God‘ , Is is a modal verb and Almighty is a predicate.

In the second sentence ‘the Brahmaputra‘ is a subject , flows is a modal verb , through Assam‘ is a predicate.

In third sentence ‘Nikita’s is a subject and can play is a modal verb ,football is a predicate.

In fourth sentence Gardening is a subject and is a modal verb and good hobby is an predicate.

In fifth sentence swimming is a subject and IS is a modal verb and a good exercise is a predicate.

In sixth sentence the dog is a subject and barks is a predicate.

In seventh sentence Madhumita is a subject and can is a modal verb sing well is a predicate.

The eighth sentence Rita is a subjects , Can is a modal verb and dance is a predicates. .

In nineth sentence The story of the Ramayana is a subjects , Is is a modal verb and very interesting is a predicates.

To find out the subject of a sentence, the verb used in the sentence and ask a question with ‘who’ or ‘what’ . The Answer to the question is the subject of the sentence.

E. g.

  1. Sahil can play football.

Q. Who can play football?

A. Sahil. (subject)

2. Gardening is a good hobby.

Q. What is a good hobby?

A. Gardening (subject).

A sentence cannot be formed without at least one subject (expressed or understood) and one predicates.The key -word of a subject formed with more than one word is a noun or pronoun or pronoun equivalent like simple infinitive or Gerund. The keyword in a predicate formed with more than one word is always the finite verb. This finite verb completes the meaning of the sentence.

Note That :

  1. In the sentence like go there, come here,do not tell a lie etc. The subject ‘you’ remains understood. That is to say, in an imperative sentence. The subject is usually left out.
  2. The subjects of a sentence usually comes first, but occasionally it may be put after the predicates.

E. g.

Down went the Titanic.

Sweet are the uses of adversity.

Exercise :

SEPERATE the subjects and their predicates to n the following sentences:

All roads lead to Rome. Lachit Borphukan defeated the mughal solders. Stone walls don’t make a prison. A guilty conscience need no excuse. There lived a miller hale and bold. The nightingale sang melodiously.

What is predicate nomination?

Predicate nomination is a noun or pronoun that appears with a linking verb and renames identifies and explain the subject of the sentence.

The word nomination come from the Latin word nomen means name. The word noun or pronoun are also from the nomen word.


Sophia is my closes friend .

Botany is the study of plants.

The flag become a national symbol.

Sixth period was a good examples of behaviour.

Practice and find Predicate and subject :

  1. Maggie become secretary at the beginning of the year.
  2. Frank sounded very angry over the lost papers.
  3. Your new boots are lovely.
  4. What is your sports?
  5. Who will be valedictorian and salutatorian.
  6. Wedly seems highly susceptible to colds.
  7. The crowd appeared hostile and dangerous.


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