E Mail Writing : 10 Simple Steps to Write a Professional E mail

E Mail Writing :

An E mail or Electronic mail is a system which enables us to convey our ideas, share our experiences with others. It is one of the fastest way of communication. In other words an email is fast and efficient method to exchange of methods of two or more persons. E mail can be defined as exchange of messages through a computer network.

Types Of Electric mail :

There are three types Of Electric Mail as we know :

1. Formal E mail
2. Informal E mail
3. Semi Formal
Formal Email :

Formal Email is mail which is sent for profession or business purposes.

Informal Email :

It is a mail which is sent to friends, relatives not for business purposes.

Structure Of An EMail :

There are mainly two structure of an EMail :-

  1. Header
  2. Body
Header :





Under Header Subject, Sender, receiver and date and time will come.

Body :


Under body only message will come.


 Format For An E Mail Writing :

The formal of An E mail must be strictly followed in a formal E mail. E mail writing is just like a letter writing. In the informal e mail you can Miss out the salutations, leave talking because you are writing this to your known person. 

Date And Time

                  From : Your E mail address                   

           From : Your E Mail Address            

To : Receiver E Mail Address

CC: If You Want To Add Any Contact


Subject : In which topic you want to send message

Salutation : (Dear Sir/Madam /List Name)


Regards /Love

How To Write An Effective E Mail :

Tip 1.

The subject line :

The subject line is most Important things in an E Mail. The whole mail depends on subject line. If your subject line is not butter then you will expect any things from the receiver. The subject is usually the main thing someone read before he decide to open it. These means that the subject hold the key weather the receiver read or delete main. So try to write an attractive subject which no one can reject.

Subject : 1) Brief

2) Give a clue to the content

3) Don’t need to give a complete sentence

Tip 2 :

Salutations :

The original salutation actually depends on the situation. If you’re writing a formal email to a bank or government institution, you would be better to start off with Dear (X) .

If you are writing an E Mail to your knows persons or relatives it would be better to use his/her name.

Dear Sir /Madam or First name or Last name of the person.

Tip 3 :

Opening Statement :

Your opening statement determines whether your mail will read till end or not. Before Sending an Email please research about the person to whom you are writing this mail and start Writing mail with his favorite keyword.

For Example : You are going to write an Email to a person who is very interested in Search Engine Optimisation. So please start writing an opening with search Engine Optimisation.

On replying Thank you I have received your

mail / message.

Tip 4:

Always Use Short Message :

Donot try to write a longer message as you can. Don’t include everything what you want to send. Use only 100 -120 words in an Email. Because nobody will read 3-4 pages mail and they don’t understand anything what you want to say about. If you want to share a lot of things, you may call to him.

Tip 5

Clarity And Tone :

When reply is expected (plz let me know) .

When you want help use – please /kindly .

Tip 6

Main Idea : Seperate Paragraph

Use complete sentence ( Don’t use SMS language) .

I have seen many people that they are using an E mail writing like a SMS writing, they always used short form of the words .Thats not better. So always used complete sentences.


Tip 6

Complementary Close : Regards, Warm Regards, Thanks and regards .

Use Your name

Advantages Of E Mail :

There are some Advantages of E Mail :

  • It is a written means of communication .
  • It is the fastest way to send message.
  • Hardly two or three seconds takes to send message.
  • It can be send whole day.
  • Physical location or geographical barrier donor effect email.
  • It is very safe and confidential.
  • Move, pictures ,document can be send easily.
  • It is very effective in business purposes.
  • E Mail can be sent across the world.
  • Reply is also easy in E Mail.

Disadvantage Of E Mail :

There are some disadvantages of E Mails :-

  • Slow internet facility in sending E Mail.
  • It can be easily hack by hacker.
  • Virus may harm your mail box.
  • E Mail has size limit of sending particular files ,it should fall between 10mb to 25mb .
  • It requires internet facility , which every one does not have.
  • Answer is delay by recipient due to unseen of the message.

Some Important Exercise :

Example Of A Formal Email :

  1. You are Sanjay /Sanjana . You want to buy an air conditioner and need to know details like price, cooling capacity, warranty , electricity consumption, installation charge, Write an e mail to electricals , e mail I’d sailelectricals@gmail.com inquiring about the same.

Answer :

To : saielectricals@gmail.com

CC: Add another I’d.


Subject : Inquiry For Purchase of LG air conditioner

Dear Sir /Madam

I am Sanjay From Pune Tadiwala Road . I want to buy an LG air conditioner as you are the dealer of the same , Kindly provides below details mentioned information at the earliest :

  1. Price Of the Air conditioner .
  2. Installation And Delivery Charge.
  3. Cooling capacity.
  4. Electricity Consumption.
  5. Warranty.

Expecting a Prompt reply




Example Of An Informal E Mail

2. You are Raj .You visited in Goa in the summer vacation. Write an E Mail in more 120 words to your friends Samar at samar232@gmail.com to tell him about your trip. Also include interesting details.

Answer :

From : Your Email Address

To : samar232@gmail.com

CC : if you want to add another e mail address


Subject : My Goa Trip!

Hi Samar

I have a enjoyable summer trip to Goa in er vacation. I had a lot of fund. We visited the famous Basilica of Bom Jesus. I also visited Goa Museum. The clay figure there are a must see. I enjoyed playing at the sea at the Anjuna beach. I like the authentic Gaon food. I trip on the ferry on Mandvi river was memorable once. I got a chance to dance with the Gaon dancer who were performing on the ferry. We also went shopping and I bought a gaon hat for myself.

It’s has been week since I returned and I have already started missing Goa. You must also plan to trip to Goa in the vacation.



Example Of Formal E mail

3. You are Mr. Raj. You have seen an Advertisement in Times of time for the post of Administration in ABM computer. You want to apply on it. Write a formal letter to abmcomputer@gmail.com ask details and also provide your details.

Answer :

From: Your Email address

To : abmcomputer@gmail.com

CC: Add another email address


Subject : Application for the Post of Administration

Dear Sir / Madam

This is an response to your advertisement for the post of Administration in ABM computer in Times of India dated 27th May 2019 . I have been working as the administration at RKS school for the last 7 years and I believe that I have the capacity to lead people.

Besides my masters on business administration I have passed a special training in leadership from USA for two years.

I hereby believe that I can be a good leader and team work has always been my favorite choice. Please find attached my resume with latest photograph . I will be wait for your reply.



Example Of A Semi Formal E Mail

Answer :

From : Your Email address

To : To whom you want to send.

Subject : Request For Funds for A poor Patient.

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to ask you a favour. A ten year old patient in our hospital need emergency heart surgery that will cost of one lake rupees . His family doesn’t have that much money . I was wondering if you could raise some funds for his surgery. Remember that a donation are ont through a demand draft. Reply as soon as you can.




Conclusion :

You may not have much experience writing formal emails, but if you try again and again then it will easy to write because An email writing is most important to our daily life. Writing a formal email isn’t difficult when you know what to do. 

A formal email is fully different from an informal e mail . There’s a proper structure, formatting, and tone that you should use for a formal email.

Now that we’ve explained what you need to know about formal emails, you’re ready to write, format and send your own formal email. Good luck!

In addition to writing great emails, it’s also important to keep on top of your email inbox.




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